IT Buzz

03-06-2018Google Researchers Are Learning How Machines Learn The New York Times
Cade Metz
03-05-2018Stanford Researchers Develop Technique to See Objects Hidden Around Corners Stanford News
Taylor Kubota
03-02-2018HKUST Researchers Develop First Innovative Fusion-Based Location Sensing Technology OpenGov Asia
Nicky Lung
03-01-2018Jumping Spiders and Flying Bees: The Rise of Bio-Inspired Microrobots University of Manchester
02-28-2018Hail Technology: Deep Learning May Help Predict When People Need RidesPenn State News
Matt Swayne
02-23-2018New Algorithm Can Create Movies From Just a Few Snippets of TextScience
Matthew Hutson
02-23-2018Scientists Pave the Way for Resilient Robot Swarms University of Southampton
02-23-2018Researchers Have Finally Created a Tool to Spot Duplicated Images Across Thousands of Papers Nature
Declan Butler
02-23-2018University of Southampton Installs 20,000-Core SupercomputerDatacenterDynamics
Max Smolaks
02-22-2018Private Browsing Gets More Private MIT News
Larry Hardesty
02-22-2018Image Processing Algorithm Shows Promise for Mapping the Blood Vessel Networks in the EyeA*STAR Research
02-22-2018Researchers Harness Brain Waves to Reconstruct Images of What We Perceive University of Toronto Scarborough
Don Campbell
02-20-2018Using a Laser to Wirelessly Charge a Smartphone Safely Across a RoomUW News
James Urton
02-19-2018Google Hopes AI Can Predict Heart Disease by Looking at Retinas USA Today
Edward C. Baig
02-19-2018Real-Time Captcha Technique Improves Biometric AuthenticationGeorgia Tech News Center
02-18-2018F# for Scientists Military Technologies
Adam Kownacki
02-17-2018Stretchable Electronics a 'Game Changer' for Stroke Recovery TreatmentNorthwestern Now
Kayla Stoner
02-14-2018Scientists Develop Harvesting Robots That Could Revolutionize Farming Practices Plymouth University
Alan Williams
02-13-2018Neural Networks EverywhereMIT News
Larry Hardesty
02-13-2018TPUs Go Public on Google Cloud Top 500
Michael Feldman
02-12-2018Tissue Paper Sensors Show Promise for Healthcare, Entertainment, RoboticsUW News (WA)
Jackson Holtz
02-12-2018Energy-Efficient Encryption for the Internet of ThingsMIT News
Larry Hardesty
02-12-2018Come Meet ZJU's Robot Dog 'Jueying'Zhejiang University
02-12-2018UC Physicist Creates Computer Chip that Mimics the Brain University of Canterbury (New Zealand)